Wednesday, 5 July 2017

reading blog post

without a moment to wast, swftpaws and lowered ourselves down through an open drain cover. the sewers were humid, moldy, and extremely stinky. plus, they were so dark that i wouldn't  have been able to tell a cat from a rat! after a while, we spotted some lights up ahead. mighty mozzarella they were torches. the sewer rats were headed our way!  swift paws told me to cover my ears. then he transformed his super suit into an enormouse police siren

Monday, 3 July 2017

the bmx boy and mr frosty

Jumping on a sunny day. The bmx boy did a bomb then he walked back up the rocky cliff. Then he had a chat with god.

The bmx boy was talking to Mr Frosty. The bmx boy  said’’ to Mr Frosty. “What is your   name?” Then he said’   “You can go with any name.” The bmx boy said “Any name could do”. So mr frosty said’’ how bout god. The bmx boy said “Are you god? you can't even do a bomb. God said. I can't do a bomb. I will show you a bomb. The bmx boy said’ wait can you even swim. So god said.’’ of course i can swim i invented swimming.


God powerfully jumped. And did all these cool flips and spins then he quickly went in the water. After that he jumped out of the water. Then the boy got wet.  and then he said’  oh you really are god. After that god said.; I told you then the boy your never to old to do a bomb after that. God said let's go. and get your choc top with all the sprinkles on it. so The bmx boy said'' yeah