Thursday, 16 November 2017


choose a narrative

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In the middle of nowhere here in this deserted places  these planes are just lying here all dirty and wet with grass all over it and it's all broken down. And i can see that there is other planes at the back but i can only see the plane on the side is it wing. I can see the plane at the back i can also see the plane the it's all dirty and it's wet with grass all over it too. We have to find a solution to get these planes atlast make these planes useful or get off our land. I think we should get some heavy machinery to carry a these planes out of our land. Hopefully all these dirty planes can get off our land. finally these planes are off our land now those planes were so dirty it is so wet and has dirty grass all over and i saw two that was dirty that why we had to get it off our land. Now our land is all cleaned up now.  there is no more planes on our land f.